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Pilar de Burgos born 1971 in Mexico City, lives and works in Sweden and Mexico since 1999.

Studied at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City, continuing her studies in Sweden and the Camden School of Arts in London.

During her career as a visual artist she has also studied photography, scenography, lighting as well as classical and contemporary dance.

Her work is a combination of materials where is joint together fragility and hardness, coldness and warmness, heaviness and lightness; trying to reach a balance between their opposites.

She has developed her work with this feature and the addition of light as an essential complement of the work and the space around it. Allowing the spectator to come into the space creating a sensation of entering a different scenario, to let the viewer become part of the art piece.

She works with the reproduction of the same form in a large amount, parts that together contribute to an overall, she expresses the micro and macro cosmos, a feeling that the whole is created from details.

She questions our psychological, physical and spiritual relationship with ourselves, people around us and the universe which we are a part of.

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